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Leadership Series - Part 1

How leadership effectiveness gives you the edge you need


This is the first in a series of posts that tackle the most misunderstood and under utilized skill in business environments. Leadership is influence and the difference between being good and great.


You’ve done your homework and you’ve put a plan together. You put in the effort, and you put in a little bit more. The first couple of milestones arrive on schedule, but the next one is a bit tougher. After a while, it seems like nothing you’re doing is making any difference. You’ve hit a plateau, and you can’t seem to move forward. Sounds familiar? If there’s nothing wrong with the plan, then you need to take a hard and close look at what is actually keeping you down. Here at Stratascension, we call it the Lid.

What is The Lid?

Imagine a jar. All that you are able to achieve is contained in that jar. You can fill that jar with all your successes to the brim, and that is your limit because the Lid sits on top of that jar and it is stopping you from filling that jar with more successes. So, how do you get rid of this limitation? By raising the Lid.

Everyone has a Lid. And, there are several reasons why that Lid is where it is. The good news is that there are several ways to raise that Lid so that good fortune and success overflows the jar.

What is My Lid?

Simply put, your Leadership Ability is your Lid. You’re probably thinking, “I’m just a cog in the wheel. All I’m trying to do is toe the company line and bring home the bacon. I’ll never be CEO, so what do I need Leadership Ability for?”

Leadership is not just about leading others, and it’s definitely not about a fancy title on the organizational chart. It’s about leading a life of significant. It’s about helping you to get the most out of each day and realizing your potential. If you’ve been pushing yourself hard and wondering why you’re not getting anywhere, the Law of the Lid may hold the answer you seek.

“But, I’m not leadership material!”

“I don’t want to be front and center!” “I kinda like it where I am."

"I don't have any control over who becomes a leader in my company.”

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t always have the corner office or the penthouse view. They are not always the glamorous one or the smartest one. A lot of times, you’ll find them sitting at the next desk from you in the office. The person you go to when you can’t talk to your boss about a problem, the person you all look to instinctively when you hear about some company change or policy - that’s a Leader.

Leaders inspire others to move in the same direction towards the same goal. Leaders are able to get the kind of results and achievements out of themselves and the people around them. That’s because leaders start with themselves first. Then, they share it with others. Right now, though, all you have to do is focus on yourself.

Take a look at the diagram below:

On the left, you see “Success WITHOUT Leadership”. Even though the Success Dedication, or Desire to Succeed, is high, the effectiveness level is low because your Leadership Ability is low.

On the right, we’ve raised the Leadership Ability. Look at how much more effective Success is with Leadership. Your level of success just grows exponentially.

Whatever your Success Dedication is, there is room for growth even if you've achieved a certain level of success. The difference in leadership ability equates to the amount of value you've added to others. By raising your Lid, you multiply the effect of success and expand it those above, below and beside us. You can overflow your jar with success by adjusting your definition of success from impact on self to impact on others as well as understanding the compounding effect of leadership ability.

Let’s Raise the Lid

I’ve worked with people at every level of management, helping them to become better versions of themselves and realizing their Leadership Abilities. Success may not come in a day, but it will come. It may be uncomfortable now, but, remember, you only need to pass through the town called Discomfort. You don’t have to stay there.

If you’re interested in raising your lid and becoming the best leader that you can be, then click here for a quick and friendly chat on your situation. No strings attached. No purchase necessary. Just drop me a note. I am more than happy to listen and possibly share my thoughts and insights with you.

Have an extraordinary day! And, remember - Excellence is a Habit.

If you work with a team and you’d like to find out more about how Leadership Training can help you, then you should sign up for our free 45-minute Lunch & Learn Session. Bring your lunch and your questions, and I’ll bring my knowledge and a presentation of leadership principles that can help you and your team raise your Lid.

STRATASCENSION was founded on the notion that business is relational and growth is achieved through the deepening of the connections between people, processes, tools, & performance. We want to help small businesses enhance these connections and leverage them to accelerate transformation.

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