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Dr. Malcolm G. Tyson is a native son of Prince George’s County, and although not born there, he attended elementary and high school in the county and completed his graduate work at the University of Maryland.

His career started as a CPA with KPMG which was one of Big 4 firms (at the time) and has transitioned into leadership roles supporting clients in the federal space like; NASA, Dept. of Transportation, and Dept. of Health and Human Services.  The challenges that he saw during his professional career led him to earning his doctorate in Business and Technology with a specialization in Strategy and Innovation. His research focuses on the drivers of innovativeness, which is the quality within organizations that allow them to regularly generate new ideas, products, and services that can be delivered to the market.  As a result of that passion for helping business leaders, he was named recipient of the 2018 Wall Street Journal © Business Leader Award for going above and beyond toward fulfilling that passion both academically and in practice.  “I have always had a passion for helping others, whether it be professionally or personally “, he notes. 

Finding theoretical approaches to solving the problems that small and medium-sized businesses face offered by academia lacking led him to more practical tactics.  As he worked his way through his educational and professional careers that has extended over twenty years, that passion to help small businesses grow into strong job-creating, revenue-injecting contributors to the economy has become who he is and led him to lean into his entrepreneurial spirit and launch StratAscension , an innovativeness consultancy, where the mission is “to help people managers become better leaders, build innovative cultures, and create innovative businesses”.

As founder and Managing Director of StratAscension, he relies on a foundation of faith and hard work to overcome entrepreneurial challenges and create momentum behind the idea that every business deserves to thrive not just survive.  He brings these experiences and his values of innovation excellence, integrity, and empathy to every encounter in the ecosystem.  He developed and facilitated the Innovation Hub powered by the College of Southern Maryland’s Velocity Center. This program takes small business management teams through an innovation experience of discovery and adaptation to solve the problems that are obstacles to growth.


As a consultant and advisor, he is passionate about growing businesses and helping leaders formulate actions and attitudes that help them to be successful, both personally and professionally.  He has accomplished this by focusing on improving the people, processes, and tools through the lens of innovativeness, strategic execution, and leadership development.   In his role as a mentor with TEDCO, his passion aligns with their mission of leading innovation to market by connecting early-stage entrepreneurs with TEDCO resources and facilitating the investment readiness of the founder’s dream.


Outside of business, he enjoys staying fit by training youth athletes, participating in obstacle course races and spending quality time with his family.

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