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Innovativeness Igniter

Innovativeness Igniter

Welcome to our Innovativeness Igniter Program Page, the pinnacle of our offerings, and the key to unlocking resilience, sustainability, and boundless innovation for your business. At StratAscension, we're acutely aware of the challenges that CEOs and business leaders of small and medium-sized businesses grapple with. The frustrations of innovativeness nearsightedness and complacency can manifest as an inability to uncover opportunities, convert ideas into viable products or services, failure to identify innovative spaces, and the difficulty in getting the entire team involved with equity of voice and cognitive diversity. These concerns can evolve into tangible problems that negatively impact business results.

Here's how the Innovativeness Igniter Program can help

Our Platinum signature program creates a pathway to innovation that is unparalleled. It leverages the elements of our Culture Mapping and Innovation Design Experience programs, in addition to executing on StratAscension's commitment to expanding leadership capacity in organizations of all sizes and compositions. This program is an all-encompassing approach, focusing on four main deliverables:

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At StratAscension, we firmly believe that every CEO deserves to lead a thriving, innovative business with a fully engaged, innovative culture. The Innovativeness Igniter Program is designed to not only resolve the challenges you face but to set your company on a trajectory for growth and transformation.

Your journey to innovativeness, sustainability, and resilience begins with the Innovativeness Igniter Program. To take the first step toward creating a thriving, innovative culture and achieving sustainable growth, schedule a Discovery Session with us using the calendar link below. Let's work together to help you realize your vision and position your business for a future of unprecedented success.

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