Leadership Series Part 4

Powering Up Your Best Asset!

This is the third fourth in a series of posts that tackle the most misunderstood and under utilized skill in business environments. Leadership is influence and the difference between being good and being great.

There is a plethora of self-help guides out there that are focused on helping you to improve, enhance, advance, and progress. These guides run the gamut from list-based articles with quick and handy bullet points to programs spanning weeks or months with varying levels of immersion or intensity. If a bite-sized article each week is enough to get you going and focused on your improvement, then go for it. If you’re looking for something more in-depth, then I encourage you to start exploring your options here. It doesn’t matter which option you choose to go with because you have already started taking the most important, potent, and valuable step in your self-development - you’ve started investing in yourself.

Invest in Yourself

Your most valuable assets are yourself, your skills and talents, and your knowledge and experience. So, the best thing to do for yourself is to invest in training.

Raising your lid means doing something beyond yourself. You need to stretch yourself. Do you have a goal that you have never achieved? That’s a good place to start practicing your leadership abilities.

Challenges and goals are things that make you be a better leader. Following through with these things help you to stretch and develop beyond your current self.

I once asked an athlete I coached, “Don’t you wish that you can go play one game a year and then go to the All-Star game, or sit in a classroom one day a month and get all As?”

Wouldn’t that be great? To be able to just train for an hour or a day, and then come out and be the champion you always knew you were?

The reality is that there is no success in doing something once. Doing something over and over again, to gain mastery, is difficult. It’s hard. No one likes to be uncomfortable. No one. Not even me. And, I talk to people about shaking their worlds up constantly.

What you need to understand is that the discomfort is temporary. Everything that is worthwhile is up-hill. If it wasn’t, everybody would be successful. Everybody would be leaders.

Greatness has to go through a town called Discomfort.

Now, remember, I don’t say “Stay in Discomfort”. I say, “Go through it”

To get to greatness - to get to something beyond yourself - you have to go through it. And, that will set you apart because 90% of the people out there are just not willing to do it. They are just not willing to be uncomfortable for a season, temporarily, in order to get to the level that they want to be. They can desire it all they want. Just like on the graph we showed, the Success Desire may be really, really high, but if they don’t have the Leadership Ability, that’s all it is. It just a desire.

You have to walk through that town. You have to get through it.

Why Invest in Training?

“Why can’t I just read an article and then instantly get better?”

There’s nothing to say that you won’t get better or improve significantly after reading an article or a book. The key here is that you want to be able to perform at your best each and every time. And, that takes a little bit more than just reading an article. If you want to get really good at something, you need to practice it.