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Our 5-Step Process for Getting Innovations Back on Track can help you get that idea back in the groove and hitting its desired target!


  • Launch innovations that respond to a gap

  • Avoid wasting time and resources

  • Learn from our extensive research


What to do when innovations miss their mark?

Struggling to connect innovations to customer's needs?
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Arvish, Founder, Perspecta Systems

We were willing to meet the needs of our customers with solutions but our customers weren't ready for our particular solution.  This guide helped us rethink the solution and re-purpose it to meet another need.

Young Consultant

Maria, CMO,


This guide really helped us address a problem we have experienced more than once. We really want to help our customers but sometimes they just aren't ready to be helped."

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Jonathan, COO, Smithson Enterprises

“We had an innovation that our customers would benefit from but we didn't know how to get them to understand that and also what to do with the innovation while they figured out their needs.  The 5 steps helped us to rethink its purpose and stay engaged."

What People Are Saying...



•Melvyn is a CEO of a $10M business that supplies products to customers in a unique and quick manner. This ability to offer products quickly is coupled with a mission to carry out this service with an extraordinarily high level of customer service.  He has been in business for just over 5 years and is seriously contemplating opening another location.  His organization, Nyvlem Enterprises is comprised of functional areas that are led by directors that range in age, education, and level of experience.  Melvyn is concerned that the communication flow between his directors is dysfunctional and the flow between him and them could be better.  His goal was to grow the team into a high performing team and position his business from an operational perspective to grow into a new location.


•We prescribed and facilitated a series of team-building events that promoted cohesion and the collective success of the group.  Not discounting autonomy but encouraging “we are all on the same team”.  We followed up with each director and held them accountable for behaviors that they suggested would make the team better.  We also provided evidenced-based approaches to solve the crisis management challenges, including priority matrices, delegation models, and routine institutionalization techniques that transformed the constant putting out of fires into a predictable set of periodic scenarios that are managed with monitoring & controlling systems. 


•The directors are approximately 60% more productive equating to an estimated 12% increase in gross revenue.  The team is communicating more effectively with each other and according to one of the directors, “the morale is 180 degrees compared to three months ago”.  Melvyn expectations were exceeded in not only the transformation of his directors but the operational excellence that he has seen flow down to staff members.  His communication with the directors is no longer meet with attitudes and disinterest but with eagerness and confidence supplemented with a strong sense of ownership. 

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Innovation Strategy Consulting  Services 

We help business leaders explore and exploit the possibilities of growth based on our proven fundamentals for improving customer experience and enhancing employee engagement.  

We believe that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of any economy and that in every SMB, there is an Apple, Square, or Patagonia just waiting to be revealed.    

Take a look at our offerings and connect with us on social media to let us know how we can help get your business on a growth trajectory and ignite your culture for innovation.  

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